Marina Brown is an award-winning author, whose first novel, Land Without Mirrors, won the 2013 President’s Gold Medal from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association. Her second novel, Lisbeth, won the 2017 President’s Gold Medal from the FAPA, as well as the Silver Medal for Adult Fiction from the Royal Palm Literary Awards.

She has also won prizes for her short stories and poetry in multiple national competitions including the Lorian Hemingway, the Red Hills Review, and two Firsts Places in the Porter Fleming Short Story Contest.

Marina Brown has published two other books:

Walking Alone Together, an Anthem for Caregivers draws on her 14 years of experience as a hospice nurse in twelve stories meant for “anyone who has ever lost anyone and anyone who ever will.” It was launched in coordination with Big Bend Hospice.

In Airport Sketches, A Week of Lives at the Tallahassee Regional Airport, Brown, as Writer-in-Residence at the airport, documents the rich fragments of lives passing through an unexpectedly human facility.

Magazines and Newspapers:

 Marina Brown is also a journalist and magazine writer. Since 2000, she has written Features for the former St. Petersburg Times and currently is a Correspondent for the Tallahassee Democrat. Her magazine work stretches from articles on home design and décor to dance to sailing and travel. At present, she writes for The Tallahassee Magazine, Florida Design Magazine, Palm Beach the Island, Miami Design and Décor, the Catholic Compass, and Your Health.

Art and Other Pursuits:

Brown, a former professional ballet dancer with Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo and American Festival Ballet, continues her love of dance with participation in local tango and flamenco groups. She speaks three languages, is an experienced blue-water sailor, cellist, and artist, whose one-man show, Come Dance, at the Tallahassee International Airport’s Artport Gallery, recently concluded. A solo exhibit, Between Us: Brothers and Sisters at the historic Union Bank Building, part of the Meek Eaton Black Archives at Florida A&M University finished earlier this year. She will have two one-man shows in 2019 and 20, at the Gadsden Museum of Art and the LeMoyne.

Recent Writing Projects:

Land Without Mirrors is set on an idyllic Caribbean island, just before the outbreak of World War II. Three children on the brink of adolescence are growing up in a community solely inhabited by lepers and their caretakers. Whether a powerful priest, an enigmatic nun, or a troubled doctor will win a dangerous power struggle has grave implications for the three youths and their desire for a different life. In a tale that spans nearly fifteen years and moves from the mystical intrigues of Chacachacare to Cartagena and finally, to Port of Spain, surprising twists of fate weave, unravel, and at last, bind the three young people together. Land Without Mirrors is at heart a love story—mothers for their children; men for power and fame; and a sweet first love that grows to maturity.

  Intriguing… Impressive! The turns are quick, the writing magnificent!”-Trinidad and Tobago Guardian

As an English professor, I’m a fussy reader. But this book I could hardly put down. It has it all, romance, mystery, and a touch of the supernatural. I just loved this book.”-S. Wiegand

The most important part of a novel is to keep readers on the edge of their seats and turning the pages. This is one of those books that is difficult to put down.”-Chris Angermann, Past President of the Florida Authors and Publishers Association.

Lisbeth asks the question: Can the quest for revenge remain alive after death? On Buena Vista, a small Mississippi property, Claire Elliston finds herself compelled to rebuild the house her mother inhabited forty years before. The past and its evils come alive as the ruins are disturbed, laying bare the sins of a time when Jim Crow ruled the South, when depravity took place behind lace curtains, and when biracial love could get you killed. The unexplained arrival of a German doctor in the small community breaks open the past’s layered secrets as Claire is torn between two allegiances—and perhaps two personalities. Dotted with colorfully naughty Southern humor, this strange saga leaps time and place as a black and a white family discover their shared need for retribution and their capacity for fidelity and love.

The pages seem to turn themselves in this incredibly readable tale of the deep South and its culture.  A prodigious and beautifully written accomplishment!”-Henry M. Steele, M. Div. Activist and son of Civil Rights icon, C.K. Steele.

Thoroughly captivating and heart-wrenching… as a midlife woman seeks pieces of her own story in the web of relationships woven through past and present. A brilliant achievement you won’t be able to put down.”-Anne Barrett, PhD, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy, Florida State University

 Current Writing Project:

At present, Brown is working on her third novel, this one set in Europe during World War II. It involves a Jewish family who hide their identities and are for a time absorbed into the Italian rural landscape.  Two members of the family guard secrets about sought-after archeological treasures and the ‘powers’ they seem to hold, while they face dangers from the advancing Nazi troops—and from each other.

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